Five Things Businesses Can Learn From Lady Gaga’s Monstrous Success

By Evan Bailyn

Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga is successful.  She is also a business and a brand, and your business or brand can learn a lot from her success.  Internet Entrepreneur and bestselling author, Evan Bailyn, shares three critical tips that you can use to catapult your business like Lady Gaga has.

  1. Let Your Freak Flag Fly.  Lady Gaga is one of the weirdest singers to come along since the 80s – and that’s precisely why people love her so much.  Genuineness is hot.  In the age of social media, where the collective voice of consumers is just as powerful as the media, being too buttoned-up will hurt your brand.  If your company is quirky, funny, or off-beat, people feel like they can connect with it more.  So be real.
  2. Be a Social Butterfly.  Lady Gaga commits to projecting her image 24/7, and people pay attention (and tell their friends).  Your PR will handle itself if you are fiery and passionate about your business and out there telling everyone you know about it.  Obviously you don’t want to annoy people; on the other hand, people respect somebody who deeply cares about what they do.
  3. Be a New Variation on Something People Already Like. Without Madonna, there would be no Lady Gaga, and Lady Gaga is well aware of that.  Likewise, look for businesses people that people already like, and innovate on what they’re doing right.
  4. Grow Your Own Little Monsters. Lady Gaga’s fans are obsessively devoted. Yours may not rename themselves after one of your products, but you can and should treat every fan like gold.  It only takes a few cheery customer service reps – or you at your very best – to give people a true feeling of being cared about.  Show someone that a business can truly care about a person, and you’ll have won a fan for life.
  5. Top the Charts. Your goal shouldn’t be just to put out a couple of hits and ten other pieces of filler. Consistently produce quality content in your company website and on your social media channels, and your customer base will go insane for you.