Client Challenge:

Babyscripts is the leading virtual care platform for managing obstetrics.  They began with Astonish more than seven years ago as an early-stage startup and have grown exponentially in that time.  The company was founded by two bachelors in a female-driven space, which presented a challenge with the media. 


  • Consistent cadence of strategic partnership announcements in leading industry trade publications 
  • Consistent cadence of thought leadership with both co-founders
  • Utilized their senior medical director for consumer driven expertise on pregnancy related stories in top tier national outlets 
  • Utilized patient testimonials, which resulted in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal
  • Funding announcmenets

Recent Featured Results

Wall Street Journal - (Reach: 32.7M)

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New York Times - (Reach: 135M)

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Forbes - (Reach: 70M)

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Newsweek - (Reach - 24.7M)

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