Uno Alla Volta

Uno Alla Volta

Uno Alla Volta

Client Challenge

Uno Alla Volta is an online and catalogue retailer that curates artisans from around the globe to create unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind products that can only be found on their site. There is a common misunderstanding as to what defines artisan products and telling the Uno Alla Volta story goes well beyond securing consumer media hits. CEO Terri Alpert wants the stories behind the products told and to use the exceptional customer service story to build a loyal brand following.


  • Establish the CEO, Terri Alpert, as a business thought leader
  • Secure high profile consumer hits
  • Build network of social media influencers


  • Tell the rich and compelling UAV story – handmade products created “One At A Time”
  • Distinguish the outstanding and unique customer service experience