Six Reasons We Love People Magazine

By Paula Conway
There are many lifestyle and gossip publications on the market, but People magazine hits the top of the charts every year.  People is read by every walk of life from grocery store clerks to titans of industry, and everything in between.  Competitors can’t boast the same breadth of readership….why?  
1.  People checks the facts.  While most gossip-style magazines play fast and loose with the facts, People stays true.  People magazine staffers are held to strict guidelines to check and double check every piece of information that walks across their desks
2.  The industry trusts them.  Because People magazine writers fact-check everything and only report the facts, the celebrity agents, publicists, and managers trust them and will allow People magazine writers access to their talent pool.
3.  The writing is great.  People magazine boats some of the best writers in the industry and the writing is also very clear so that it appeals to a wide audience.  Writing tightly is one of the most difficult skills to hone in journalism and their writers and editors have it down. 
4.  People magazine mixes real life with celebrity.  Ever notice that there is always a humanitarian article or two in People magazine, and that they are side by side with very sexy celebrity images and story lines?  People is the one magazine that has bridged news, lifestyle, and celebrity in such a unique way as to garner a broad and trusted audience.  You don’t read people just for the celebrities. 
5.  People magazine tiers the subscriptions.  People gives access to additional content (articles and images) via a premium subscription, which you can access online through   With PEOPLE Premium, you can not only read articles with exclusive access, you can also read the entire magazine, archived issues, get mobile access, and three deluxe gift boxes are delivered to your door yearly.  
6.  The branding is well thought out.  From the digital interface to the logo font, People has thought of everything.  The branding message is consistent throughout the writing, marketing, look and design, and web interface.