Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations is a unique tool that delivers depth of message and builds consumer goodwill, credibility and legitimacy for a company.  Public Relations is not just about building your company’s relationship with your consumers; it is about building the long-term relationship between your company and the media. In determining the value and return on Public Relations investment, one Public Relations impression is worth approximately three to four advertising impressions.

“A great public relations campaign is integrated with your marketing and advertising efforts. Publicity amplifies what you are already doing.”

The Astonish Media Group is an experts-only Public Relations firm.  We only hire experienced senior staff to partner with your company to build long term relationships with the media that best fits your company’s needs, whether it be local, niche/specialty,trade, regional, national or international.


1.  Inspire the press to write about you or your company/product
2.  Become known in the community
3.  Inspire consumers to buy your product (or notice you)

If you break these points down, here is what you get:

  • Your relationship with the media
  • Your relationship among peers, in the trades
  • Your relationship with the consumer
Public Relations