Holiday Party Etiquette Tips


By Dawn Bryan

The holidays bring many parties and events. Whether formal or informal, for business or fun, the good guest meets certain expectations.

So…if you want to feel comfortable in any social situation, check yourself before you wreck yourself with these ten etiquette tips:

1. Always respond to an invitation in a timely manner — do not leave host wondering if you are waiting for a better offer.

2. If the invitation includes dinner, arrive on time.

3. Learn how to introduce yourself and others properly, especially at a business/office event.

4. If you attending an important cocktail party, eat something before you go so that you have the opportunity to meet and speak with other guests and are not just hovering around the food.

5. Hold your drink in your left hand, so that when you are introduced to someone, their first impression is not of your cold, wet hand.

6. If networking or at a cocktail party, wear a shoulder bag and/or stand near a table or other surface where you can place your drink or food. This enables you to shake hands, exchange business cards, etc.

7. Give solid (not hard) handshakes.

8. Make eye contact with those you are speaking with—do not be looking for other/better opportunities.

9. Listen.

10. Do not spend time only with your friends—you can see them anywhere. Circulate. Meeting new people is one of the reasons to attend a holiday function