Why Astonish?

  • The Astonish Four-Point Difference

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    Our difference begins with our perspective on our relationship with clients.  At Astonish, we do not view ourselves as your PR, Marketing, or Branding firm, but rather as your business partner.  We are invested in your success and your success is our success.

  • 02

    We are by nature entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves.  Collectively, we have produced television shows, raised capital for our own brands, sold our own companies, worked as professional journalists for major publications, and have educational backgrounds that span the globe.  We are venture capitalists in the purest sense.  We are always looking for new strategic opportunities for our clients to raise their profile, expand their business and strengthen their brands.

  • 03

    Astonish is an experts-only agency.  Our experts are senior executives with backgrounds that reflect the entrepreneurial ethos of our company (eclectic, out-of-the-box thinking combined with years of senior level experience).  Each and every account is managed by a seasoned professional with at least one agency partner aligned as well to ensure that your account is always at the top.

  • 04 

    We have the Astonish Media Group Advisory Board, an exclusive group of select industry leaders whose expertise we can call upon for strategic business advice for our clients.

Why Astonish?