Celebrity Secrets to Social Media

Written by Evan Bailyn

Celebrities know a thing or two about social media, but you might be surprised to learn which celebrities are truly winning the war with great SEO tactics. It’s not just about the numbers, and the best at social media are not necessarily the ones you might expect! Here are the best at creating that virtual buzz that keeps us all tweeting, liking and following:

Britney Spears

Has a die-hard fan following and engages with them. Her music moment has passed, but her hardcore fans are as excited as ever. She speaks directly to fans, runs contests and keeps her Facebook and Twitter very active.
FB – More than 20 million likes

Lance Armstrong

Has a wonderful niche of intelligent people who admire his perseverance and who have been following him for a long time. His lifestyle choices and fortitude keeps them coming back for more.
FB – More than 2 million likes

Katy Perry

Her personality, period. Guys dig her – let’s face it, she has what she needs in the looks department – and has sustained an audience that appreciates her attractiveness and her cool, down to earth personality. Katy is also very approachable in social media, you feel like you are only one link away from her because she is constantly engaging in a warm and wholesome way. For example, she recently posted a video where she put on braces to look like an awkward teenager; that got her a lot of points. She carefully straddles two distinct audiences: Those who love her everywoman side, and the other that understands that she’s not just a pretty behatch.
FB – More than 45 million likes

Justin Bieber

He follows his fans. That is a thrill for a fan. He is following 123,000 people. Bieber’s social media is working better than anyone’s because he has taken a very unique approach. He really interacts with fans, does YouTube challenges, and talks to people online all the time. The idea that he responds to people on YouTube makes the magic more alive than ever.
FB – More than 45 million Likes

Shaquille O’Neal

He has done so many funny things. He is a walking attention bate because he’s so big and tall, but also does off the wall things like TV challenges that he sets up to out-swim Michael Phelps or pulling pranks on his friends. His own involvement and sense of humor translates on social media very well and keeps him extremely relevant.
FB- More than 44 thousand likes