National Morning Show Booked!  But It Doesn’t Happen.  Now What!?

You’ve worked for months to get your client the holy grail of national television exposure, placement on a major morning show.  Months of pitching, lunches and dinners, leveraging all you have to finally have the producer from that national morning show request your client front and center.  The day has come, but then the call.. read more →

07 Nov 2017
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10 Ways to Winning in 2014: An Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Startup Success

By Melissa Thompson /  2014 will be a formative year for new business owners and early-stage entrepreneurs. For those would-be entrepreneurs debating the startup leap?  There is no time like the present. For current founders, in our hyper-pressurized worlds of being incubated, accelerated, and constantly switching modes between pitching and executing, how do we successfully.. read more →

29 Jan 2014
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