Intern with Astonish

All Astonish Internships are virtual.
If you are not interested in a virtual internship, please do not apply.Astonish Media Group

Astonish offers three highly competitive intern slots per quarter, including a summer internship program. Our interns come from a wide array of educational backgrounds, including many in college settings receiving credit for their internship. We also accept intern applications from recent graduates looking to gain important work experience. 

If you are interested in interning with Astonish, please email Paula Conway at:

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“I cannot begin to thank you guys for all of the incredible experience you provided me with. I learned so much from working with you two and I miss it every day. It feels like just yesterday I was desperately searching for someone to simply give me a chance at interning as a naive freshman. I will be forever grateful for the confidence, encouragement, and support you two provided me with from day one. As always, if there is anything I can do to help you- please let me know!”

– Alex Weinrauch, A Past Intern