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Functional Girl

Functional Girl is a fun and flirty website that covers everything from make-up tips to vintage clothing.  We at Astonish especially love the themed days: Make-Up Free Monday; Tipster Tuesday; Wednesday Wisdom;Thrifty Thursday; and Friday Favorites 


Two Classy Chics

These Two Classy Chics know how to keep it real. Whether it’s about health and fashion or finding a good recipe, these chics always have something to talk about.



Momccupation keeps life a little crazy–in a good way. She has wonderful DIY tips and recipes to die for.


One Momma Saving Money

One Momma Saving Money is one savvy momma on a mission to save you money.
What’s not to like about that?!


Motherhood Moment

Every moment is a Motherhood Moment. Need a time-saver or a new trick to make your day a little easier? These tips will help you enjoy the moments of motherhood a little more.