National Morning Show Booked!  But It Doesn’t Happen.  Now What!?

You’ve worked for months to get your client the holy grail of national television exposure, placement on a major morning show.  Months of pitching, lunches and dinners, leveraging all you have to finally have the producer from that national morning show request your client front and center.  The day has come, but then the call.. read more →

07 Nov 2017
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How to Build a Brand Story: Lessons from Retail Branding Experts

From / Featuring Astonish Media Group Storytelling is a buzzworthy term these days. Although its overuse might make you think it’s nebulous, or even obsolete, term, it’s actually a powerful tool for retailers. Every retailer has a story to tell, whether it’s how they were founded, why they decided to enter this industry, or.. read more →

13 Sep 2017
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Selfies with dinosaurs!

Kylie Jenner received a special welcome upon her arrival to Universal Orlando Resort, where she was hosted on March 9. The star snapped a selfie with a ferocious velociraptor at the Raptor Encounter experience at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, followed by a day in the parks. Jenner is a reality television personality who just launched.. read more →

11 Mar 2016
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Top 5 Countries With Awesome Theme Parks

Theme parks are a worldwide phenomenon, and you can pretty much find them anywhere. However, some countries are better than others for the adrenaline junkies out there. Criss-cross the globe enough times and you’ll encounter world-famous parks as well as the most historic rides. Here’s a selection of countries that feature awesome theme parks. read more →

05 Mar 2016
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Three Ways to Woo Your Sweetie on Valentine’s Day with Chocolate

By Debbie Bertrand, Chocolate Designer at Lucas Candies Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is a known fact that if you don’t have something for your sweetheart, you are in big trouble. Chocolate is the gift of choice during this holiday, but to totally win over your sweetie’s heart present them with some.. read more →

10 Feb 2014
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Valentine’s Day reminds us each year that romance isn’t dead. We hope.

   By Vlad Nardin / Ah, but that red rose you receive will be dead in days. Its petals will wilt and fall, its novelty will wear off. Its innocence died long before. Your sweetheart did not pick the rose from a neighbor’s lawn; more likely it was picked in Colombia or Ecuador by an underpaid and possibly underage laborer, then imported and marked up for the masses. From Jan. 1 to Feb… read more →

07 Feb 2014
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Superbowl Fitness

   By Shana Schneider / FITWEEK  If you’re attending a Superbowl party or just planning to watch it on the big screen at home, you will likely be sitting for hours. While the game itself is just 60-minutes, with all the commercials and breaks, it can take up to 4 hours. The fact is: The Superbowl is a Super Sit-Fest that makes us fat!  To put a little weight.. read more →

30 Jan 2014
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10 Ways to Winning in 2014: An Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Startup Success

By Melissa Thompson /  2014 will be a formative year for new business owners and early-stage entrepreneurs. For those would-be entrepreneurs debating the startup leap?  There is no time like the present. For current founders, in our hyper-pressurized worlds of being incubated, accelerated, and constantly switching modes between pitching and executing, how do we successfully.. read more →

29 Jan 2014
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Astonish Media Group Client Dawn Bryan Featured on

Astonish Media Group client Dawn Bryan was recently featured in this article on for throwing the perfect dinner party, something she knows a lot about.  Dinner Party Basics: Setting the Scene  By Alice Gomstyn, Contributor Originally published on Orin Hahn loves to throw a good dinner party. The New Yorker hosts soirees for his friends as.. read more →

12 Jan 2014
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Have a Gorgeous 2014 with the Benefits of Dark Chocolate From Lucas Candies

1. ELEVATE your mood Dark chocolate contains endorphins, which help you feel balanced and upbeat. 2. GLOW naturally A compound in the cacao bean called flavonoids increases the blood flow to your skin giving you a rosy sheen. 3. SMILE more A great benefit of raisins is their ability fight bacteria and make teeth strong,.. read more →

06 Jan 2014
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